MSK Translation continue to grow and thrive off the challenges that present, anytime you need Legal or Certified Translation in Dubai or any other type of translation, we are the best firm to rely on.

MSK translation is a company comprised of professional translators, well-versed in the skill of interpretation. Our services cover significant aspects of refined writing. From legal translation to video game translation, our translation service exudes all-around quality wherever it is read. We pride in delivering results that give us the liberty to brag.

MSK is established to create an elite translation. We hope to deliver premium translation services to a large customer base who are willing to do business with us. How do we achieve this? One way is by providing high-quality translation backed up by excellent customer service. With our team of magnificent translators, it is an achievable feat.

Being a recognised translation brand requires a ton of work on our side. We continually develop innovative ideas to serve you better.  Nonetheless, what we are after as a company is to provide you with unparalleled customer satisfaction. Achieving that is the highest goal for both the management and staff at MSK. We know how important your task is and treat it as such. Impeccability and articulateness are common words on our working desk. The result of your translation depicts these attributes.

MSK Translation provides its well diversified translation services in the heart of UAE. Due to the presence of unique mix of nationalities, the industry of translation services in Dubai is raising. Competing against the best of the translation companies in Dubai, M S K has years of expertise in professionally making the communication cycle much easier and efficient for its corporate and retail clients

Our Mission

M S K aims to reduce the language barriers by offering a wide variety of translation services in multiple sectors

Our Vision

Effective communication regardless of an entity’s linguistic background.


M S K Translation has been built upon great values ranked it on the top of translation companies in Dubai

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