Local and international attestation could be required for a multitude of reasons. This typically involves many official and legal documents. This may require the translation of documents to improve the efficacy of the process. For international relocation, documents often need to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – which requires the documents to be in the language of the target country or the official language of the source country. Similarly, the embassies and consulates in Dubai also require translated documents to complete attestation. MSK Translation provides professional and efficient translation services for Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation. Our services also extended to consulate and embassy translation. Many people find attestation services to be complicated and time-consuming. With our timely translation services, attestations can be completed with less hassle. We are also dedicated to preserving the authenticity of information in official and legal documents to help avoid unwanted complications. In case of legal documents, we have professionals trained in legal matters who translate and stamp the content. All translations follow a consistent process including editing and reviewing, and have a warranty period following the date of delivery. Contact us to learn more about translation services for attestation.