All aspects of daily life and business in our sophisticated societies of today are governed by laws. All personal or corporate transactions, deals, and business agreement are drafted in legally binding documents. Most often, these deals and businesses documents need to be translated into other languages for the purpose of legal use in foreign countries.

When it comes to Legal translation, this is not something that you can trust to just anyone. Some translators and translation companies haven’t taken any steps to be certified and also they lack the required experience needed for a proper translation.

Legal Translation Services in Dubai

MSK Translation provides diversified Legal Translation Services in Dubai. Due to the presence of a unique mix of nationalities, the industry of translation services in Dubai is raising. Competing against the best translation companies in Dubai, MSK has years of expertise in making the communication cycle much easier and more efficient for its corporate and retail clients.

Because of the importance and professionalism needed in legal document translation, legal translators or agencies need to be certified and approved by an official authority with no room for mistakes as the potential mistakes may cost a huge amount of money and more time in the courtrooms.

MSK Translation provides legal transcription and translation services for defense attorneys, law enforcement agencies,  prosecutors, individuals, and private investigators among others.

List of some documents to be translated

  • Immigration
  • Passports documents
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Birth certificates
  • Wills and testaments
  • Powers of attorney
  • Evidentiary recordings of phone calls
  • Police interviews
  • Court documents
  • Contracts
  • Complaints
  • Judgments
  • Summons
  • Legal proceedings
  • Partnership deeds
  • Real estate titles
  • Permits
  • Insurance policies
  • Affidavits
  • Adoption papers
  • Sales contracts
  • Trademarks and copyrights etc

Legal Translation Company in Dubai That You Can Trust

MSK Translation provides Translation services in Dubai. It’s your one-stop solution for multiple translation services in Dubai. We provide a comprehensive set of services including, but not limited to, legal translation services, Interpretation Services, and Website Localization Solutions. We are helping to erase the communication barrier in the UAE.

Attracting people from all over the world, the UAE is a hub for a variety of languages. While this makes for a rich culture, communication is a significant issue – it creates problems for both personal and commercial matters. With the trained professionals at MSK Translation, you have access to the most effective translation services in Dubai – helping you overcome personal and commercial communication issues.

We have proven to be a fast, accurate, affordable and reliable. We can render true and correct legal translation services in Dubai for almost any kind of documents for our clients.

So, why not get in touch with us as a certified legal translation service in Dubai for the translation of all your documents. We are trusted, dedicated and committed to serving you better.