Our Services

We are offering specialized translation and attestation services for all the business verticals in Dubai and in other Emirates. We are having number of happy clients who are always returning to us for further services and assistance.

Legal Translation

Legal Translation means the translation and interpretation of a text used in any legal system. Legal translation usually includes documents like witness statement, transcripts, identity documentation, financial records, official reports, filed patents, and legal rulings or precedents.

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Translation Services

MSK translation is a premium translation company with its base in Dubai. Attracting people from all over the world, the UAE is a hub for a variety of languages. While this makes for vibrant culture, communication is a significant issue.

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Website Localization

Nowadays, websites have become essential for almost all businesses. Websites don’t only generate customer traffic –they represent the image and message of the business. Additionally, globalization is allowing business organizations to become international.

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Interpretation & Event Management

Interpretation is useful in various scenarios that involve people belonging to multiple linguistic backgrounds. MSK Translation provides the following interpretation services

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Other Services

  • Entertainment Translation

    Entertainment Translation

    We provide multiple entertainment translation services to let more people enjoy content from around the world

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  • Video Game Translation

    Video Game Translation

    Gamers love to try new adventures, explore new grounds and beat challenges as they come. To make this a reality, you need to design a game that can be understood anywhere and anytime.

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  • Voice-Over Scripts

    Voice-Over Scripts

    Want your video game to reach more parts of the world? A larger number of people will be interested in trying your video game

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  • Event Presenter Scripts

    Event Presenter Scripts

    An event presenter has a significant role to play. Our professional services in event presenter script writing can be employed

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  • Voice-Over Scripts

    Voice-Over Scripts

    Voice-over scripts are an audio-visual translation technique. They are different from dubbing, in the sense that the new voice is recorded over the original audio

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  • Copywriting


    Want your content to be copy written in another language? Our copywriting services can be utilized for reliable interpretation of ideas, converting them into other languages for advertising and other marketing reasons.

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  • Desktop Publishing (DTP)

    Desktop Publishing (DTP)

    Many businesses prefer desktop publishing for better organization of their content

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  • Transcription


    We transcribe both audio and video via the expertise of well-trained professionals – our transcription services are dedicated to providing high content accuracy

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  • Literary


    Want your literary piece to reach a wider audience? Make your story available in English or other languages to increase its popularity. We provide quality literary translation that preserves the originality of your story.

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  • Hospitality


    Dubai is home to a thriving tourism industry. A large influx of tourists is expected every year. We make your hospitality services even better by providing hospitality translation to make your communication more effective.

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  • Commercial and Financial

    Commercial and Financial

    Commercial translation projects mostly include promotional content. Similar to advertising content, our translators are dedicated to preserving the integrity of the message and its tone.

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  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Social media translation can be both general and specific in nature. Our priority is to preserve the content’s concept of audience.

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  • Marketing, Advertising, and Media

    Marketing, Advertising, and Media

    When it comes to marketing and advertising, or similar media content, a business’ message is everything. The translation must ensure that there is no deviation.

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  • Medical


    Medical translation is one of the most sensitive services we offer at MSK. Most terms are not only complex but allow very little room for interpretation.

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  • Technical


    Technical translation includes the conversion of manuals, product descriptions, disclaimers, user guides, and similar content.

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  • Proofreading


    Have a project in a language you are not well versed in? Do you just need general proofreading services to improve your content?

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  • General


    Our general translation service is the easiest to use. Any small to medium scale project needing a general understanding for a particular audience can be translated.

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