MSK Translation offers a comprehensive set of services to meet clients’ wide variety of translation needs.

Our General Translation service is the easiest to use. Any small to medium scale project needing a general understanding for a particular audience can be translated. Most people use this service for improving personal communication but commercial projects not requiring specific technicalities are compatible as well.

Have a project in a language you are not well versed in? Do you just need general Proofreading Services to improve your content? We have some of the best professional proofreaders: experts in English, Arabic, and several other languages.

Proofreaders at MSK Translation are trained so that they can navigate through different types of content, delivering accurate and efficient results to the client. Native speakers of English and Arabic, or any other language, ensure that content is free of common and advanced grammatical and punctuation errors.

Proofreading is also not just based on linguistics – instead, a comprehensive service is offered that targets writing style as well.

Technical Translation includes the conversion of manuals, product descriptions, disclaimers, user guides, and similar content. Given the intricate terminologies in such content, it is important to preserve the true meaning of the terms. We provide a reliable service so that information remains intact. Experts associated with a given technical field support the translation process.

Medical Translation is one of the most sensitive services we offer at MSK Translation. Most terms are not only complex but allow very little room for interpretation. The delicate nature of the industry needs the translations to be highly accurate. During translation, it is important to maintain the actual meaning as people’s lives could depend on it.

MSK Translation has specially trained medical translators to ensure the reliability, quality, and accuracy of such services.

When it comes to marketing and advertising, or similar media content, a business’ message is everything. The translation must ensure that there is no deviation. With MSK’s Marketing Translation Services, you can be sure that you are getting the correct message across. Our translators also ensure that the impact of the message’s tone can is preserved.

Social Media Translation can be both general and specific in nature. Our priority is to preserve the content’s concept of audience. Social media posts of a commercial nature can include specific terms and phrases for ranking as well as hash tags. All these elements are paid careful attention at MSK Translation.

Commercial Translation projects mostly include promotional content. Similar to advertising content, our translators are dedicated to preserving the integrity of the message and its tone. We help translate posters, flyers, brochures, and more.

Financial Translation has become essential as businesses become global. Many financial services are being offered online as well. Therefore, translation of financial statements and documents has become almost a necessity for a large number of organizations.

Dubai is home to a thriving tourism industry. A large influx of tourists is expected every year. We make your hospitality services even better by providing Hospitality Translation to make your communication more effective.

Want your literary piece to reach a wider audience? Make your story available in English or other languages to increase its popularity. We provide quality Literary Translation that preserves the originality of your story.

Our Story Translation services are the best that can be found in Dubai – they are not simply a translation, but offer a comprehensive process to ensure consistency and accuracy. The translated work is edited and reviewed before being finalized for publishing in the new language. Writers can be assured their stories are getting through to newer audiences in the same quality as the original audience. 


We transcribe both audio and video via the expertise of well-trained professionals – our Transcription Services are dedicated to providing high content accuracy. Our focus is not just on the theoretical transcription but on preserving the practical perspective of the content too. Our professionals are also able to translate the transcribed content into any other desired language.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Many businesses prefer desktop publishing for better organization of their content. We provide high-quality Typesetting Services to ensure that you receive the new content in a similar quality to the original. MSK’s DTP services offer translation and formatting of the content, along with affordable typeset printing.


Want your content to be copy written in another language? Our Copywriting Services can be utilized for reliable interpretation of ideas, converting them into other languages for advertising and other marketing reasons. MSK’s professional copywriters deliver high-quality services to our various clients.
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