We provide multiple Entertainment Translation Services to let more people enjoy content from around the world:

Voice-Over Scripts

Voice-over scripts are an audio-visual translation technique. They are different from dubbing, in the sense that the new voice is recorded over the original audio. The listener can hear both source and target language at the same time.

Video Games

Want your Video Game to reach more parts of the world? A larger number of people will be interested in trying your video game if it is available in their local language. We can provide subtitling, Dubbing, and Translation for Video Games.

Sevent Presenter Scripts

An event presenter has a significant role to play. Our professional services in event presenter script writing can be employed for commercial events. We have highly-trained linguistics experts to help you connect with audiences in various languages.

Subtitling and Dubbing

Movies, shows, recorded programs, and more audio-visual material can be assigned to us for quality Subtitling and dubbing. We also offer Transcription Services for all such content. All Translations and Interpretations are completed preserving the true meaning, and dubbing is accomplished ensuring the right tone and impact.

Applications and Software

Whether you are creating corporate software or non-official software, it is necessary to prepare for anything. One of such preparations would be to plan for whoever will be using your software. If your applications get seen by a person of another language, will it still be understood? Except you are planning to grow your software’ popularity in only a particular region, it is best to make language provision for all future users. An excellent way to achieve that is via an impeccable translation service.
Our Application and Software translation service offers a professional service of giving meaning to your words, no matter the tongue of who reads it. There is a huge market for application and software today – commercial sectors are making great use of such technologies. Your application or software can get more sales around the world if it is made comprehensible in different languages. MSK Translation can be trusted with complete Application Translations that preserve the original function of the interface.
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