Legal Translation means the translation and interpretation of a text used in any legal system. Legal translation usually includes documents like witness statement, transcripts, identity documentation, financial records, official reports, filed patents, and legal rulings or precedents. A qualitative legal translation service requires specialist translation knowledge. The sensitivity of legal documents requires increased efforts in the process of translation since mistranslation has grave consequences. Our legal translation services are available to all parts of legal systems.  We would avail the opportunity to work on translating legal documents including litigations, pleadings, claims, contracts, will and testaments, and others. MSK Translation is aware of the sensitivity required by a legal text carry. Our team of legal translators have specialized training regarding this and will provide stellar translation on a word-for-word basis. We assure you that proficiency and ethical practice are words we hold in esteem at MSK translation. Leave your legal translation job with us and be amazed at the results. MSK Translation provides the services of an expert legal translator, handling content related to ministry, litigation, courts, and official certificates and documents. All translated content is also stamped and signed by a legal translator. Services are available for English to Arabic Legal Translation and vice versa, as well as several other languages. Legal translation and certified translation contain sensitive content. Such issues don’t allow the flexibility of loose interpretation. Therefore, we assign our top professionals (who are also trained in legal issues) to such projects. We make sure to preserve the integrity and consistency of the content, and that it stays true to its legal meaning. Legal processes must be fair and we take it as our responsibility that all parties involved can have fair access to the meaning of the proceedings. Most legal translation projects also have time constraints. Timely and accurate delivery of all translations of legal and official documents is our priority. At MSK Translation, we truly understand the sensitivity of legal content. Our professionals dealing with legal translation are sworn to confidentiality when required. MSK is your most reliable source for translating any type of legal document or certificate. Contact us today to learn more.